The Secret of the St. Joseph Monastery

The Secret of the St. Joseph Monastery
an escaperoom experience with storytelling!

The story...

The sisters found the monastery in 1850. They were responsible for, among other things, the care of the catholic education and the district nursing in Monster. The monastery was always an important place for the community and everyone could talk to the sisters whenever they wanted to. The sisters’ loyalty and reliability was even famous in the surroundings.

There was just something strange going on. One time a day the bells were ringing on an inexplicable moment. The sisters would immediately drop their work. From all corners of the convent were seen boisterous sisters and giggling, while holding their skirts up, running back to the chapel. After a while, the residents heard the beautiful singing coming from the monastery. This was very mysterious, normally the sisters sang as false as crows.

Nobody knows what happened on that particular moment behind the monastery walls. Even when the last Franciscan sisters left the monastery in 1994, they would never tell anyone, en the secret would remain between the walls of the monastery.

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1 woord fantastisch! We hebben genoten van het spel met na afloop een heerlijk buffet. Echt een aanrader!

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